Tradtional Box Sash Windows

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Timber Windows of Harewood specialise in providing contemporary and modern versions of classic, traditional window design. Our Traditional Box Sash Windows are made-to-measure combining the elegant design aesthetic of sash windows with modern technology. Our windows are engineered using knot-free, warp and twist resistant timber to provide the highest levels of quality and security throughout.

Our windows are perfect for traditionally designed homes and have been widely used in the conservation of Victorian, Edwardian and Georgian properties. From a visual perspective our windows will seamlessly replace your traditional windows to feel like they have never changed but you will notice the difference from the range of benefits they provide.

High Quality Materials and Craftsmanship

We guarantee the highest quality of materials and craftsmanship. We use only the best quality seasoned timber from the core of the tree and combine it with time honoured techniques and the latest in technological advancements.

Enhanced Security

Our modern Timber Box Sash Windows resolve the security issues with original issues through the use of internal mechanisms, fitting the glass room side and using limit stops.

Draft Reduction & Heat Loss Minimisation

We use modern materials within the construction of spacer bars which result in low conductivity and the reduction of heat lost through the edges of the windows. Ultimately, you save money by not wasting energy.  

Quality Guarantees

We pride ourselves on our standards of quality and our products are designed, tested and guaranteed to last. All of our windows and doors are individually crafted and made specifically for your home and we have a number of guarantees that span our entire range including a 30 year guarantee on timber, 10 year guarantee on glass, 8 years on paint and 5 years on stain.

Find the right window for you home with Timber Windows of Harewood. Contact us today or visit our showroom.

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