Victorian & Edwardian

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Our new Edwardian and Victorian inspired doors come with a range of traditional eye-catching features that are designed to create a real statement entrance. Raised bolection moulds are a typical detail of these eras.  Bolection moulds project beyond the face of a panel or frame to give a more decorative appearance, it was a design feature used to great effect by Christopher Wren.

Beautiful envelope panels can replace the more subtle raised and fielded or flat panels to give a stunning Edwardian impact.  Designs can be tailored to suit the property and can included glazing or be completely solid.

There was a huge emphasis on front doors in Edwardian and Victorian times, the wealthy owners would often commission bespoke, one off doors that were exceptionally ornate; small decorative panes of glass with detailed astragal bars, coloured and textured glass, arched tops and custom mouldings were often seen throughout these era’s.  These are all features that our advanced machinery can incorporate – even with double glazing.

All of our edwardian and victorian doors are manufactured from engineered timber to combat the twisting and swelling that you experience with the traditional joinery style build-up.  Every entrance door comes as a complete pre-finished, pre-hung door and frame set which ensures a perfectly fitting entrance to your home.  Patented dual capillary draught seals are fitted to every frame for ultimate insulation and weather tightness.


Each door is hung on robust, fully adjustable hinges, colour coordinated to the handle and door threshold. Fitted with high security multi-point locking mechanisms, featuring hook bolts and a deadlock, to Association of British Insurers Approved security standards.

Anti-bump, anti-pick, anti-drill snap safe cylinders are used as standard to avoid the most current methods of burglary.


You can choose from 1000's of colours and a number of stained finishes and can have a different finish inside to outside as well as different coloured door sash to the frame.  Like all of our products we offer this range in Softwood, Hardwood and Oak.

We can install door knockers, knobs, chains, spyholes, letter boxes and numbers in a range of finishes to any of our victorian and edwardian doors.


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