Traditional Flush Casement

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A brief history

Flush casement windows are characterised by openers that close into the frame and finish flush with the face of the window. Generally this type of window is found in properties that pre-date the 1950's and were particularly popular through the 17th and 18th centuries.

Our challenge has been to make flush traditional casement windows which look simple and traditional but are actually quite sophisticated. Some details, like our decorative butt hinges, are merely to reinforce the illusion of simplicity. Hidden away is modern technology: warp resistant timber, locks which engage in multiple points around the perimeter of every opener, ventilation grooves, drainage channels and glazing units which lose approximately half the heat of ordinary double glazing.


Internally glazed frames mean the units cannot be removed from the outside of the property.  Our flush casement windows have a fully integrated locking system that provides 4 points of locking for maximum security and weather tightness.


Our flush casements are all made bespoke, which means you can have them pretty much any size and in any configuration.  We also offer our conservation window with a floating mullion, this means there is no fixed mullion (vertical divide) down the centre which results in less frame and more light.  You can also open both panes as you would with a French door to give maximum ventilation and fire escape space.  This is a particularly popular window in properties that have rather small windows to allow more light to pass through.

You can choose from 1000's of colours and a number of stained finishes and can have a different finish inside to outside.  Like all our products we offer this range in Softwood, Hardwood and Oak.



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