Bespoke Creations

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Arches, swept heads and intricate leaded units are amongst some of the common features found on period properties, they add character, charm and value to a home and often help distinguish the ear of build.

Keeping these lovely features is important to home owners but as time has moved on, a lot of the traditional methods of construction have been lost.

Our advanced manufacturing techniques allow us to emulate these special features whilst incorporating modern seals, thermally efficient double glazed units and ultra secure locking systems.

Traditional leaded lights can be removed, repaired and encapsulated into double glazed units - keeping the character, something especially important in 20's and 30's properties. 

We can also create custom one-off designs for that personal stamp on your home, these include personalised handmade leaded units, besoke astragal bar configurations, and also one-off etched designs.

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