Local Joiners v Timber Windows

Investing in alterations to your home can add real value and Timber windows can add anything up to £20,000 onto the retail value of your home. So when making any changes on your home you need to be sure that whatever you are having done is done by professionals.

Local Joiners

Advantage - Cheap Labour

Local joiners are often a cheaper option when it comes to window fitting, and usually have experience with a variety of different window types.

Advantage – Quick Turnaround

Due to the nature of the work, local joiners can quickly turn around projects but this can sometimes affect the quality of the job.

Dis-advantage – Window & Iron Mongering Quality

Although some local joiners use expensive products they don’t compare to the standard of products used by Yorkshire Timber Windows who have partnerships with some of the leading manufacturers in the UK and abroad.

Dis-advantages – Jack of all trades

Local joiners are often good at woodwork but they lack in areas of expertise which can let them down when comparing them to the timber windows experts.  

Yorkshire Timber Windows

Advantage – High Quality & Guarantees

  • They pride themselves on the highest quality, from their luxury show room to the wood used within the timber windows. To emphasise the quality Timber Windows of guarantees on:
  • Timber – 30 year guarantee
  • Glass – 10 year guarantee
  • Hardware – 10 year guarantee
  • Workmanship – 10 year guarantee
  • Paint – 8 year guarantee
  • Stain – 5 year guarantee

Advantage – Skilled & Experienced Labour

The installation team are highly experienced and specialise in timber windows and doors, which sets them apart from local joiners. Local joiners tend to be woodwork specialists meaning they can do most timber jobs but this works against them when comparing the level of expertise and service against the Yorkshire Timber Windows team.

Advantage – Professional Partnerships

Working with iron mongering and paint specialists such as Samuel Heath, Timber windows can ensure that the highest quality is maintained from the wood and labour to the iron mongering and paint. 

Dis-advantage – Initial Cost

One of the differences between Yorkshire Timber Windows and other joiners is the initial outlay as you are paying for experienced industry experts. However thanks to the guarantees and longevity of the Timber Windows products the life time value of using Yorkshire Timber Windows outweighs this dis-advantage.

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